Book Blogger Love-A-Thon 2015 || High Fives!

This is my last post for the 2015 Book Bloggers Love-A-Thon. I’ve been encouraged to keep reading and blogging, subscribed to tons of new blogs, found lots of potential future bloggy friends, and felt a great positive vibe from the community. Thanks for building each other up!

Here’s to spreading the love!

Book: Orhan's Inheritance. I'm not finished yet, but it is so spectacularly written in a beautiful way that weaves an honest history about current day strife between Turkish and Armenian people. This. This is what art is for.

Genre: Georgian Brit Lit, you have served me well. You continue to influence how I read, and will surely be a lifelong love.

Author: R.J. Palacio - I'm not finished with your book, Wonder, yet, but I am in love with your writing style. Thank you for making a beautiful story about

Blogger: #WeNeedDiverseBooks - My goodness, you have opened my eyes to an important and vibrant conversation about what needs to change in the American book world (esp the YA book world). Thank you for continuing to educate me. When I finally write a book, you bet it will be heavily influenced by the articles you post.

Book-related site: NPR Books - It's no secret that I love NPR, even from abroad. I love your reviews, articles, lists, interviews, the way you guys point our attention to the quieter things in life.

If you're participating in this Love-A-Thon challenge, leave a link in the comments because I want to read more posts!


  1. Haven't heard of Orhan's Inheritance before, what's it about? :)

  2. It's about a Turkish, Muslim young man whose grandfather recently passed away and willed the family property to an old woman that no one had ever heard of. The man embarks on a journey to find the woman in the US, and finds that she is an Armenian Christian who survived the Armenian Genocide ( The book also delves into her past and the circumstances leading up to how she met the dead grandfather. It's very beautiful, and addresses a part of history that I didn't even know existed. When I went to Greece and Turkey last year, there was still so much bitterness and hate between the peoples (ethnic Christians vs ethnic Muslims), and I had no idea what that was all about. But this book is teaching me a lot.

  3. I studied the Ottoman Empire when I was in University, so I'm familiar with the Armenian Genocide. I've never read a fiction book about it, so I'm going to go ahead and add this to my TBR. I've wanted to visit Turkey ever since studying about it more. I have a friend who is Turkish and I've been learning a lot from her as well :). How was your trip to Greece and Turkey? I've heard Turkish cuisine is wonderful!

    The #WeNeedDiverseBooks campaign definitely opened my eyes a lot to about the debates focusing on Diversity. I've discovered books through it that I never would have heard about if it wasn't for the campaign and tumblr blog. I'm really grateful for it as well :). Thank you for stopping by my blog!

  4. The museums in Greece are so well curated that I learned more in a week there than I did with years of history classes. I'm a visual learner, so I think seeing everything right there helped me retain it. Unfortunately, the economy is in such a bad situation that you can feel a general sense of hopelessness.

    I wasn't able to spend much time in Turkey, but I plan to go back some day. The architecture and landscape is beautiful. Plus, there's so much rich history throughout the country. Everyone was very warm and helpful to me while I was there. And yes, the cuisine is unmatched. I lived in Dubai for a couple years and there are lots of Turkish restaurants there, but they don't even begin to compare to the food I had in Turkey. :D

  5. I'm definitely a visual learner for the most part as well :). It's really unfortunate about what's going on in Greece. I hope the new government would be able to ease the financial burden on the country at least somewhat. Ohhh that's really cool that you lived in Dubai. I've never been there, but I've heard that there's some cool architecture:) And it's also cool that you're from Sao Paulo! One of my penpals is from there as well!