Linkylicious 001

I don't have enough IRL booknerd friends to appreciate these links. Help me give them their due honor.
  • Shot down in the library - rofl that girl is surely Hermione. Makes my heart happy.
  • "He said he used to crank out book after book, never stopped drawing, did all the right things they tell you to do. But, he had no life. He suffered anxiety, depression. He was miserable, exhausted. He could do it, but he was driving himself to sickness. Finally, one day, he just said, screw it. He made time for himself. He picked up a day job. He went out with friends, he took care of himself. He said that the best art in the world was not worth his life or his mind. And he told us the same thing. Work on taking care of yourself, even if it costs art." -  Go read the whole damn thing.
  • You have an overdue book - Laughed a little harder than I should have.
  • Holy Moses, Oh Jeez! Parsing the Erotic Vocabulary of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ - As if I didn't already judge FSG fans hard enough already. You know when you look at the same word over and over, the word loses its meaning? Surely that happens to more people than just me. So be prepared for "holy" to temporarily lose its value. BTW, my boo is sooo getting a valentine with a giant frankenstein quote from this.
  • In Defense of Fan Art - Super short. You'll laugh. 
  • Bookish Recommendations Based on Your Sign - I'm a virgo, just FYI.
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