Life Update || March 2015

New angles of São Paulo. I got a job teaching business English in companies around São Paulo! So far I don’t mind travelling all around because I get to go to parts of the city that I would otherwise never see. My new job is the reason why I wasn’t able to be so active in the blogosphere this week. (The other reason was that I got an awful case of the flu!)

Rain. One of the most famous Brazilian songs is Águas de Março, and it gets its title from the rainy season of March in this part of the country. We have been getting rain every afternoon since early February, which my friends say is one of the effects of global warming - an earlier start to the “Waters of March”.

I’ve been missing Arizona a lot lately, which manifests itself in the form of wanting Mexican food. Unfortunately, it’s been impossible to find an authentic tasting restaurant (read: Taco Bell + Brazilian flavorings), and even avocados to make guacamole are out of season right now. I’ve been making lots of pico de gallo with some kind of pepper that tastes like a Thai Chili but is called “finger peppers”.

With my daily commute being at least one hour each way, I have plenty of time for audiobooks. I finished A Tale for the Time Being and started The Fountainhead this month.

My pens, more than usual. Between journaling in English, starting a new journaling habit in Portuguese (using prompts from The Life: Captured Project), prepping for classes, and teaching, I used a lot more ink this month than I did the previous month.

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