3 Graphic Novel Mini-Reviews

Saturday is Free Comic Book Day! (Pss… Check here to see who nearby is participating.) Yeah yeah I know the difference between graphic novels and comic books, BUT in honor of illustrated story telling, here are some graphic novels I read recently!

Low, Vol 1: The Delirium of Hope by Rick Remender
In the future, the sun is on the verge of death and its solar rays are out of control. Humans live in underwater colonies to be protected from the sun, but the air supply is going sour and one ridiculously optimistic woman believes she has a way to save humanity… and her family. Full-color, richly illustrative, of course I love the way that undersea animals have evolved into beautiful scary creatures.
For fans of: metaphysics (the plot revolves around if positive thinking determines reality), dystopias, light sci-fi

Wayward, Vol 1: String Theory by Jim Zub, Steven Cummings, John Rauch
A teenage girl who grew up in Ireland moves in with her Japanese mom in Tokyo. She discovers she has supernatural powers to see things that other can’t. The infusion of Japanese mythology, full-color beautiful art, realistic Tokyo scenes, and interesting characters was fantastic.
For fans of: Miyazaki’s Spirited Away, contemporary stories based in Japan but not manga per se.

Twisted Dark, Volume 1 by Neil Gibson
A collection of dark short stories which feature recurring characters (if you can spot them!). The art styles vary and the plots are all totally different. The writing is pretty straightforward, but it’s interesting. I was most interested in the story about human slavery in the United Arab Emirates, because I used to live there. It was extremely accurate of what really happens, and the illustrations were so realistic that I could recognize specific parts of the city.
For fans of: text-reliant graphic novels, Alan Moore

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