Top Ten Books I Really Want To Read But Don't Own Yet

Between the library, ARCs for review, friends, and books I am trying to read to sell back, I have put a moratorium on book buying. My self-imposed bookstore exile has increased my to-read lists because it encourages me to read more. Thanks to the ladies at The Broke and the Bookish for inspiring this list!

Book covers of the following list

x. The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen

When I asked a couple teen girls at my church what they read, they lit up and told me about this series. Naturally, I have to read it.

ix. Landline by Rainbow Rowell

I read Attachments recently, adored it, loved the characters and wanted to befriend all of them, and I was sad when the book ended (a sign of a good book). Hopefully, that process repeats with Landline.

viii. The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith (J.K. Rowling)

I read Read HP (duh) and Casual Vacancy (meh). I’m glad that Rowling is willing to branch out and try new things, even if they aren’t as successful as her past works. Though I'm not particularly interested in this specific narrative, I’m curious to see what else this lady has up her sleeve.

vii. I Am a Cat by Soseki Natusme

I want to read more Japanese lit because I want to have a wider understanding of metaphor, the more subtle insinuations of details, and more background to work with when I read new Japanese stories.

vi. Half-Lit Houses by Tina Chang

My poet friend recommended this poet to me ages ago, but I haven’t read any of her works yet. I fully enjoyed other poets that he suggested, so I trust that Chang will be a beautiful, soul-lifting read.

v. What We Talk About When We Talk About Love by Raymond Carver

This is referenced in multiple books that I’ve enjoyed. It’s about time that I know what everyone is talking about. I’m referring to: What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami, and tons of stuff by Miranda July.

iv. American Gods by Neil Gaiman

I read Ocean at the End of the Land and Coraline but I didn’t fall in love with either one like other people seem to do. Maybe he’s just not an author I will ever be enamoured with, but I want to keep trying until I know for sure.

iii. Shine Shine Shine by Lydia Netzer

I don’t know what this book is about. And I like not knowing. Amanda Nelson recommended it, and I don’t actually know if we have a similar taste in books. But I love her writing and I laugh at her tweets all the time, so I want to believe that I will love it.

ii. Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

Dystopian oppressive government. Classic. Must-read before I embarrass myself by telling you that I love dystopias but have never read this foundational text.

i. Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage by Haruki Murakami

The latest book by a favourite author of mine, so of course I want to read it! I have even fantasized about how I will go about reading it: drinking tea, cuddled with blankets on the couch on a rainy day, jazz music playing softly in the background, and a cat curled up next to me. Perfection.

Are any of these on your to-read list?


  1. American Gods is a masterpiece.

  2. It's on this list mostly because of you!!

  3. I really liked the False Prince. Haven't read the others but will look them up :)

  4. Even though I read mostly YA, this list is all over the place! I hope you're not disappointed ;)

  5. Everyone that I've talked to about it says that they either liked it or are interested in reading it. Dat hold list at the library though.... sigh.