Review Policy

Here are the kind of books I like and will accept for reviews:
- YA fiction in general
- magical realism
- dystopias
- contemporary fairy tales/myths/retellings
- alternate history
- non-fiction about the Georgian era
- short story collections

Here are the kinds of books I dislike and will not accept:
- adult fiction in general
- preachy / "the moral of the story is"
- non-fiction
- revisionist history
- political
- travel/cultural experience memoirs
- thrillers
- contemporary mysteries
- self-help
- romance/erotica

Here are books that I like if I pick them out but probably won't like yours: poetry, anthologies, memoirs, psychological thrillers.

A note to indie publishers: I am open to reviewing your book, but please send me the blurb and first chapter when introducing yourself.

All books that I accept for review will at the very least get a brief Goodreads review and a mention on the blog. I will not promise that every book that I accept will get its own special dedicated blog post.

I accept ARCs, finished copies, and ebooks. I don't accept audiobooks.

I write honest reviews, based on my thoughts, feelings, and observations. They are not objective. They may be influenced by the quality of my lunch.

Let's talk! You can email me at alisawilhelm at