Hi. I am Alisa Wilhelm: story lover, trained in visual communications, expert in staying awake till sunrise to finish a book, English teacher. I am from Tucson, Arizona, but live in São Paulo, Brazil.

I like stories. I like talking about stories. When I was little, I got to stay up all night as long as I was reading. When I was medium, I volunteered at the library and shelf read when I wasn't reading. Now that I am a grown up, I am still reading. And joining in book clubs. And smelling books. And being giddy when the library emails me saying my request is available. And critiquing book design. And talking about books.

Papercuttts is my reading journey. Because I mostly like YA lit and classics, this blog is also mostly about those things.

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Yes, I accept books for reviews! I'm not accepting books for review at the moment! Thanks for the interest though!

Measuring up 'Measure for Measure' on Alexa Loves Books

Keywords for my interests: YA lit, YA fiction, graphic novels, comics, teens, young adults, dystopian, fairytales, myth retelling, fantasy, contemporary Japanese literature

Keywords for my bio: English teacher, São Paulo, Brazil, South America, blogger, reviewer, YA blogger